A Rashtra Vibhushan Award 2014 & Bharat Shiksha Ratan Award 2021 Winning Institute

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What The Student Say's

CASPS College has played a very important role in building up my career. I had a great time at CASPS. The treasured, possession of this college is its encouraging, co-operative & helping faculty. The college give us the ideal environment for sharpening not only our technical skill but also behavioral and communication skill. I am thankful to college & it’s staff for providing me the wonderful experience. I will always miss some of the most pleasant & a memorable day of my life at CASPS thanks a lot. I wish good luck to college to achieve successes in every way.


CASPS is not only a college but like one large family & we all students are the members of this family. There is not a single person without any aim in life. I also have my own ambitions. I had taken admission over here for achieve my aim & dreams. But what make me feel more satisfied is that I had achieved my goals and develop my whole personality as well.

Before 3 years this college campus is unknown place for me and now I feel CASPS College as my own home. I developed my own self & my knowledge very effectively & its staff is very supporting & helpful by nature. They also encourage all students to become a good human being.

At last I just want to say that "Sources of knowledge are here. Try to utilize it more & more." I will always remember this college, its staff & my happy days I spent over here.


I feel very fortunate by sharing my experiences with you. Our college CASPS is situated in the rural area, but provide all the facilities which might be not provided by the other colleges. We are provided projector in each class, books facility, internet facility and also a well furnished computer labs. Our professors are kind, generous, loving and helping. They always motivate us, They have never gave less than their best. As a student of CASPS, I just want to say, They are the fountain head of the motivation. And I feel fortunate to be a student of CASPS.